Peaced Back Together

Here’s a nifty and utilitarian craft project for all the glue-gun toting runners out there.

1. Tear favorite running tights during a spectacular dirt dive while running a trail 50K, earning the Team Slug name Tiny Broken-Hiney Slug in the process.

2. Complain to running buddies about ripping favorite tights during trail 50K. Do not complain about hiney being referred to as “tiny” for first time ever.

3. Get good idea from buddy to patch the hole. My grandmother would be proud, too!

4. On a whim, see if iron-on peace symbol patches are available online. Google google google.

5. Allow self to be distracted by browsing outspoken magnets, bumper stickers, and T-shirts also sold on the site that sells iron-on peace symbol patches.

6. Order patch. Wait for it to arrive by mail.

7. In the meantime, research online how to iron on a patch because you really are that domestically challenged:

  • Put iron on hottest dry setting. Turn iron on. (This is important.)
  • Place clean tights on ironing board and iron area around hole to warm it up.
  • Place patch over hole, lay thin cloth over patch, and iron to heart’s content.
  • Allow to cool, then check that patch has adhered enough to prevent another wardrobe malfunction.

8. Put on tights and go for a more peaceful run.



 My favorite tights are repaired and ready to run again, and I’m a little craftier. Martha Stewart, watch out! I’m coming up on your shoulder!

(Please do not stay tuned for an “after” picture of the hiney.)


1 Response to “Peaced Back Together”

  1. 1 Martin February 11, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Did you turn your iron off afterward?


    And, ouch.

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