A Yogic Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year I find myself enthused about the Hallmark Holiday for a change. Sure it’s a bit contrived and more than a bit commercialized, but what is so bad about a day that encourages people to be more loving all around?

So many times, people turn their backs to you
‘Cause they don’t wanna see what’s inside of you
‘Cause lookin’ inside of you
They might realize there’s something inside of them
They might not wanna find
But it ain’t about who ya love, (who ya love)
See it’s all about do ya love, (do ya love)
— Michael Franti

Though Valentine’s Day has evolved from its saintly or possibly pagan origins into yet another retail sales benchmark, there are plenty of low-cost and no-cost ways to spread some love. Here’s one I found:

Thai Yoga Massage

Yoga Journal also features an 8-minute video of a few better-known modern yogis looking at relationships from their own perspectives.  I found it an insightful reminder of what I’ve read more than once, that a relationship is the ultimate day-to-day yoga practice.

Let Love Rule, y’all.

On a related note I’ll be traveling for the next several days, but plan to be back with some good training updates. Keep an eye on this place for me, will ya?

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