Boston Training: Week 4 Recap

If The Beatles can have “Eight Days a Week” to show you just how much they care, I figure I can have eight days a week to run. This “week’s” training cycle is a little weird. Due to travel and a 5K race, I ended up doing a medium long run on a Monday instead of over the weekend. Since the long run is a key part of marathon training, I’m including it with Week 4. Just don’t tell the Fab Four, OK?

Week 4, Feb. 11-18

Monday 2/11 — 8.25 easy (roads)

Tuesday — 7 miles total with 10 X “hill” repeats (overpass and roads)

Wednesday — taught spinning; 4 miles easy (treadmill); weights

Thursday — rest day

Friday – 5.25 miles easy (roads, path, and short snow detour)

Saturday — 8.1 miles including a 5K race in 23:34 (7:37 pace) with easy warm up and cool-down

Sunday — rest day; 2 mile slushy icy trail hike with a little running mixed in, but not enough to count miles

Monday 2/18 — 13 miles “easy” on a hilly road course (pictured below)

Hinkley hills run

Totals: 46 miles + 1 cross-training workout, 1 weights session, 6 yoga & pilates sessions (teaching plus took 1 yoga class)

Good stuff:Enough for several blog entries! In summary: great hill running practice, a little trail running and a lot of trail exploration, an age-group award in the 5K, and excellent company on the runs. This was a great training week for sure.

Stuff to keep an eye on:My right iliotibial band and iliopsoas are feeling pretty tight from the hills. Time to get on the foam roller and be diligent about stretching the hard-to-stretch psoas.

Goals for the coming week:Today’s run was supposed to be at least 16 miles, so I’ve got at least 3 miles I’d like to add in here and there. Sunday is the Colonial Half Marathon in Williamsburg, Va. I ran this race two years ago and can’t wait to do it again. Right now I’m planning to run it faster than marathon pace but not yet at goal Half Marathon pace. It’s another rolling course so I’m looking forward to a challenging run on a gorgeous course.


1 Response to “Boston Training: Week 4 Recap”

  1. 1 phampants February 19, 2008 at 12:18 am

    good luck on your half this weekend. we’re training for the columbus distance classic.

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