Boston Training: Week 5 Recap

This week started and ended with hilly, approximately 13 mile runs. Put them together, and I’ve got all but the last .1 of a marathon. What a difference six days and several hundred miles make. Monday’s run treated me to big, soft-falling snowflakes in my face. On Sunday, I wore shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, feeling warm in sunny near 50 degree weather.

Eight weeks until race day!

(Monday 2/18 — 13 easy on hills ) <— counted with last week’s training miles

Week 5, Feb. 19-24

Tuesday — 6 easy (road)

Wednesday — taught spinning; 3 easy (treadmill); weights

Thursday — 8 miles with 8 x 2:00 pickups (road)

Friday – 5  easy (treadmill)

Saturday — rest

Sunday — Ran hilly Colonial Half Marathon at marathon pace (8:33 avg.), easy warm-up and cool-down before and after.

Totals:  37 miles + 1 cross-training workout, 1 weights session, 8 yoga & pilates sessions (teaching plus home practice). Those miles are for this “training week.” Actual mileage Monday – Sunday was 50.

Good stuff: I was healthy and able to complete every workout. I’ve been reminded in a few ways today that anything else really is a bonus.

Stuff to keep an eye on: Nothing specific this week other than the usual quality fuel in appropriate quantities, regular stretching/yoga, and getting enough rest. Lately I am like a kid who doesn’t want to go to bed and miss out on fun.

Goals for the coming week: Remember what I wrote in “Good Stuff” during Thursday’s planned 5-mile tempo workout I am already dreading. Successfully and enjoyably complete first 20-mile long run of this training program Saturday.


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