Boston Training: Week 6 Recap

Spring and Boston are coming. One in seven weeks, and one well before that. Today I wore shorts and a short-sleeve shirt shirt to log my miles, and saw a butterfly, busy cardinals, and buds starting to turn the color of the blossoms they’ll bust out before long.

Week 6, Feb. 25-March 2

Monday — 6 easy (path)

Tuesday — 8 easy (treadmill)

Wednesday — taught spinning; 10 with 5 at Tempo pace (treadmill)

Thursday — Rest since I’d done today’s planned workout on Wednesday.

Friday – Rest

Saturday — 20 easy (path + highway overpass a few times)

Sunday — 6 easy (road)

Totals:  50 miles + 1 cross-training workout, 1 weights session, 6 yoga & pilates sessions (teaching plus home practice).

Good stuff: I was healthy and able to complete every workout. The weather was beautiful each day I was able to run outside. My yoga teaching schedule is changing to one class a week now, and I’m really looking forward to having a little more breathing room and time flexibility to complete Tuesday and Thursday runs.

Stuff to keep an eye on: Nutrition. I slacked a little this week and can tell. It is amazing that you have to watch your diet at 50 mpw, but that’s reality, and it’s well worth the care. I have also been feeling a little very dull hot pain in my right inner knee, so I’ll start icing after running to try to calm that down.

Goals for the coming week: Stay healthy and able to complete every workout during what will be another good, challenging week. That will be plenty.


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