March Momentum

From the moment I flipped my calendar to March, I could sense the rhythm of my days picking up speed. It’s as if time started to stir from the lull of January and February, blinking its sleepy eyes and sniffing for food after hibernating.

With a couple months of mainly quiet weekends behind, I’m looking forward to all but one booked-up weekend between this one and the end of April. And I mean looking forward in the most joy-filled way possible. All the dates involve time to connect with special people, and most include new running adventures waiting to be had at Shamrock Sportsfest, Umstead 100-mile Endurance Run (which I am spectating and crewing, not running), and of course, Boston! I feel very fortunate to be poised before so many potential memories to share with others. At the same time I must remind myself to stay patiently in the present to get the most out of every day, rather than wishing and waiting for the next extra-good time to start.

At work, the students and I reached the midterm point in the semester. I facilitated an online course the first eight weeks that already ends in a few days. Between that and spring break in just two weeks, the term already feels like it’s winding down.

From what evidence I’ve gathered in my 3 1/2 years in Northeastern North Carolina, early spring brings the windiest conditions.  This is a boost for the many sailors who dock and and depart from the town’s well-known Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway harbor. We runners don’t always have the same appreciation for gusting air. Pushing into strong winds is very fatiguing physically and mentally, but the upside is gains in strength — as well as the fun tailwinds that we get to ride when we turn around!

On the home front conditions are shifting, too. After an honest look at my budget and how I prefer to use my resources, paired with a long-standing desire to downsize, I rented a smaller, more affordable place to live beginning next month. Essentially, I’ll be transitioning a small two-bedroom home to a large efficiency that includes ample storage room. Undoubtedly there will be times in the next couple weeks when, bogged down in details and stuff, I’ll question this decision if not my sanity. But the end result of a simplified life, freed-up finances, and lighter, much more mobile load will be worth the temporary pain.

Yes, it’s time to set the sails to work against a stiff breeze for a bit. With the forecast for wind at my back right ahead, who knows how far and where I’ll be able and lucky to enjoy the resulting ride?


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