Boston Training: Week 7 Recap

Flexibility paid off this week, reminding me that a training plan is ultimately that: A plan. All good plans allow for a Plan B. My coach downgraded Tuesday’s originally scheduled hill workout to an easy run since my knee was tender, and it was the right thing to do. I was disappointed to move Saturday’s planned long run with two friends to a solo run Sunday due to a very windy and stormy forecast, but 3 + hours in those conditions would have been sheer misery even with great company!

This week marked the mid-point in my “formal” Boston Marathon preparation program.

Week 7, March 3-9

Monday – 8 easy (path)

Tuesday — 6.5 easy (roads)

Wednesday — taught Spinning class

Thursday — 10 with 6 at Tempo pace (treadmill)

Friday – 6 easy (treadmill)

Saturday — rest

Sunday — 20 easy (roads)

Totals:  50.5 miles + 1 cross-training workout, 1 weights session, 9 yoga & pilates sessions (teaching plus home practice).

Cutie the Chocolate Lab

Good stuff: I was healthy and able to complete every workout. Sunday’s long run was in my future neighborhood, and I got to meet one of my prettiest and friendliest neighbors. She’s pictured to the right. After two higher-mileage (for me) weeks with 20 mile long runs, I admit I am excited and ready for this coming cut-back week.

Stuff to keep an eye on: My right knee is calmer than it was last week, but I will continue icing and foam rolling to manage a tiny bit of runner’s knee and tight iliotibial bands. I am very happy my body seems to respond well to the TLC. Running has taught me that ice and daily self-care can be much more effective than popping pills to treat the inevitable low-level aches and pains. Especially ice!

Goals for the coming week: Be satisfied with how I race the Shamrock Half Marathon on Sunday. It’s a fast course as well as an opportunity to have a great day and a lot of fun out there, and especially to enjoy some memorable time with local and out-of-town friends who are also running.


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