Extreme Makeover: Runners’ Feet Edition

This is not a post for the Meek at Heart or Weak of Stomach.

Below, hopefully far enough below to require considerable scrolling down, are images of Before, During, and After a recent pedicure.

I confess: It had been more than six months since my last pedicure. In that time I had trained for and run a Boston-qualifying marathon, no small feat for a couple of feet. Proud of the marathon result but too embarassed by the resulting traumatized toes to seek professional help, I attempted to keep my feet fit for public viewing with regular home maintenance. It got to be so labor-intensive that this barefoot Pilates and yoga instructor transcended her vanity and just let things go for a while. But when I discovered that one of my new yoga students is a nail technician, I took a chance to see if she’d take on my tootsies.

The resulting pampering was relaxing and educational. I learned:

  • A pedicure should be regarded as a regular health maintenance treatment, rather than a luxury. Hmm, any chance my health insurance will start covering the service? As Wayne and Garth would say, “As if!”
  • To stop cutting around my callouses with a nail clipper (like I said, not for the Weak of Stomach), and use a pumice often rather than infrequently hacking away with a cheese-grater type tool. Those things apparently make the skin vulnerable and not able to do its job of protecting.
  • That I have particularly small and challenging toenails. Tell me about it! At least I have all 10 again; after my last marathon I was down by half.
  • Random local gossip, including why one of the other health clubs in town suddenly closed. But that’s what you’re supposed to get at a salon visit, right?

If you’ve read this far, my wish is that you’ve summoned courage to forge onward. Without further ado, have at ’em!





3 Responses to “Extreme Makeover: Runners’ Feet Edition”

  1. 1 Sarah March 11, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Cute toes!! You’re a great writer, SGH, and thanks for inviting me here to get a little glimpse of your life! 🙂

    I can’t wait to meet you…at least, I hope I get to when we live in VA! 🙂

    Sarah (aka Colby at the PRT)

  2. 2 Amy March 11, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Umm, you know your toes aren’t supposed to be black AFTER the pedicure, right?

  3. 3 Carla March 12, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Great polish choice! They actually look better in the before than they did when I saw them last. Love being able to pop in and see what you are up to via the blog!

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