Boston Training: Week 9 Recap

A lifetime ago when I was a college student in northern Minnesota, we used to venture even farther north across the border into Manitoba for spring break. This had everything to do with Canada’s legal drinking age of 19 and nothing to do with love for its arctic climate. 

At least a lifetime later, I found myself northbound again for spring break. This time the expedition had more to do with good company and good marathon training, rather than legal beer. (I can get that almost anywhere on the planet nowadays.)Snowy Metroparks path

Like spring breaks of years ago, winter weather played a role. I planned to join several runners I know for a hilly 20-mile course intended to make Boston seem “flat and fast.” Old Man Winter had other ideas, covering the region with more than half a foot of powder. Between a change of location dictated by the snowplow and the powerful lure of pancakes and hot coffee, a rolling 20 became a mostly flat just under two hours out.

I may have Spring Fever and might well tell you differently in exactly four weeks, when if all goes according to plan I will be proudly wearing a Boston Marathon finisher’s medal, but I’m sure the steaming coffee, satisfying flapjacks, and fun company contained special, intangible training benefits that surpass what another hour of running could have delivered.

If nothing else, spring break is leaving me extra rested to dig in and have a focused final peak training week before beginning to taper.

Week 9, March 17-23

Monday – Extra rest day after Shamrock Half Marathon

Tuesday — 7 easy (road)

Wednesday — 2.5 easy just because I had time to kill before Spinning; taught Spinning class; weights

Thursday — 10.5 with 6 X 2:30 5K pace intervals (treadmill)

Friday – rest

Saturday — 12.25 easy (road)

Sunday — 7 easy (path)

Totals:  ~ 39.25 miles + 1 cross-training workout, 1 weights session, 8 yoga & pilates sessions (teaching).

Good stuff: I was healthy and able to complete every workout. My knees and energy level all started to feel more “like me” again. So far I really like my new Brooks shoes. I had a lot of fun with great company on Saturday and Sunday’s runs.

Stuff to keep an eye on: The usual non-running training practices that are just as important as logging the miles: mindful nutrition, enough rest, and quality recovery.

Goals for the coming week: Keep my focus and manage stress for best training with a day trip, out-of-town visitors, and moving all scheduled near the end of the week.

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