Boston Training: Week 11 Recap

Taper arrived just in time. I love training and refuse to complain about something that is totally voluntary on my part but, OK, it was really a pain this week. I had a household to set up, my parents in town from Minnesota, the usual lots to do at work, and a cold. For this reason, I stuck to the treadmill until the end of the week. I realize I am more spoiled than most runners, working down the hall from a fitness center. How do those of you who toil in industries other than health and fitness do it?

The treadmill failed me for an hour on Saturday. 15 minutes into a planned 15-mile run, a transformer blew and the fitness center was plunged into dark silence. I threw a hat on and improvised with loops around the short riverfront boardwalk path close to the Y until the lights came back.

Week 11, March 31-April 6

Monday –  7 easy (treadmill)

Tuesday — 6 with 6 X 800m intervals (treadmill)

Wednesday —  Taught Spinning class

Thursday — 8 easy (treadmill)

Friday – rest

Saturday — 2 hours easy, approximately 13 miles (treadmill, road, and boardwalk)

Sunday — 8 easy (packed dirt/gravel trail)

Totals:  ~ 42.5 miles  + 1 cross training workout, 2 pilates and 1 yoga practice.

Good stuff: My friend Noel suprised me by joining up for the outdoor portion of Saturday’s run since her group cycling class was canceled without power. Reconnecting and watching friends finish 50- and 100-mile runs at the Umstead Endurance Run was a highlight of this season.

Umstead finishers Meredith (purple) and Emmy (in black) with support crew types

Stuff to keep an eye on: Last week’s nightly restaurant meals were delicious and enjoyed, but this week I can definitely still feel and see them. Pushing back from the table three times a day is now part of my regimen … right up until the start of carbo loading.

Goals for the coming week: Stress management! I need to return to some type of equilibrium so I can prepare for the trip to Boston *gulp* next week *Woo Hoo*.  With one more driving day trip and my belongings still less organized than I’m comfortable with this week, this could prove a challenge. If I consciously both chill out and dig in, I can do it.



2 Responses to “Boston Training: Week 11 Recap”

  1. 1 anthonyp April 11, 2008 at 9:14 am

    Good to finally find your blog. Nice week of training as you get ready for Boston !

  2. 2 Meredith April 11, 2008 at 11:32 am

    enjoy your taper 🙂 It was great to see you this weekend!!!

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