Post-Boston Training: Weeks 1 and 2

What? After a marathon, there’s still more training to be done?

There is, and it’s called “Recovery.” This is my absolute least favorite phase of training. Typically after a race, I am re-enthused and even more excited about running. My mind and heart want to run, but the body is stiff, tired, and achy.  Forty-eight hours post-marathon, I always catch myself marveling how two days earlier I could go for what felt like forever and now I can barely shuffle and stagger around.

Recovery is very important and necessary to allow the body to rest, heal, and repair micro-tearing and other slight wear and tear to soft tissues. Some runners live by the rule of no hard workouts for the month following a 26.2 mile race. Depending on my next adventure, I usually do a reverse taper, bringing mileage back up to a base level over three to four weeks following a marathon.

Race Week, April 21-27

Monday –  26.2 miles (Boston Marathon), quite a bit of walking through the evening

Tuesday — Considerable walking around Boston and Logan Airport

Wednesday —  Rest, if you call teaching 1 pilates and 2 yoga classes “rest.” Just another day at the office!

Thursday —  30 minute easy jog/walk ~ 2.5 miles

Friday – Rest

Saturday — Rest

Sunday — 6.5 easy (dirt road/trails)

Totals:  ~  35.2 miles  + 2 pilates and 2 yoga classes taught

Post-Race Week 1, April 28-May 4

Monday –  Rest

Tuesday — 6.5 (trail)

Wednesday —  Taught Spinning class

Thursday —  5 (road)

Friday – 4 easy jog/walk/hike (dirt road  & trails)

Saturday — 8 (paved path and overpass), 45 minute brisk walk

Sunday — 3.5 (road)

Totals:  ~  27 miles  + 2 cross training workouts, 3 pilates and 2 yoga practices.

Good stuff: After arriving back in North Carolina, I cherished wonderful company on some runs. New runner Mert, who is about to do her first 5K, helped me keep my pace comfortable twice. Lloyd visited for my birthday weekend and I got to share a favorite trail with him. My former running partner Ken was back temporarily from The Netherlands, so we had a mini-reunion of sorts with our other buddy Bill:

Albemarle Pacers reunite

On two separate occasions, I ran the Nags Head Woods nature preserve road and trails at the Outer Banks. I also got to turn a “good-bye for now” at RDU into trail time with an hour on the multi-use dirt path at neighboring Umstead State Park, which had dried out four weeks after the soggy 100-Mile Endurance Run.

Stuff to keep an eye on: Nutrition! Gah! Two weeks of much less activity, a gluttonous carbo-loading phase, post-marathon noshing on malt balls, pizza, and beer, and a couple birthday parties = a currently chubbyish runner. Experience has taught me that I will self-regulate and re-balance well, especially as I add back mileage, so I am just being careful to avoid junk and alcohol right now rather than restrict intake.

Goals for the week:  If I’m feeling good, extend a scheduled 10-mile long run to more like 14 to sneak in a little training for a half marathon I’m planning on the 25th.  Continue listening to my body, do lots of stretching, and most of all rest.

2 Responses to “Post-Boston Training: Weeks 1 and 2”

  1. 1 anthonyp May 6, 2008 at 9:08 am

    Looks like recovery is going very well !!

  2. 2 Meredith May 6, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Good recovery plan! That is so nice you got to see your old running partner, that is always nice. What is next on your agenda?

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