Week of May 12-18

Looking back at this week, I feel like a slacker. That seems silly when the average person gets less than the minimum recommended 30 minutes of physical activity per day, but I can only compare me to me. Maybe it was the school year ending, a natural time for catching the breath, but I wasn’t motivated to do anything outside my training and YMCA teaching schedules, except for one pilates practice at home. I know if I’d jumped in the pool, done some yoga postures (I do meditate every day), or lifted a weight or two, I would have felt the benefits … but I wasn’t motivated this week.

Well, I did go for two walks. Walks? I love to walk in my pretty neighborhood, and it’s activity, but doesn’t get my heart rate up. Mainly I walk for the enjoyment of being outside in gorgeous weather.

It’s natural and healthy to take a breather now and then in any kind of pursuit. However, if I don’t mix it up and tighten up in a few areas, I’ll be heading into what feels like inertia to me. Even we self-starting types need a kick in the butt sometimes!

May 12-18

Monday –  5 easy (treadmill)

Tuesday — Taught pilates; 2.75 mile walk

Wednesday —  8 (treadmill) with 3 X 1 mile cruise intervals (8:00 m/m); Taught Spinning class

Thursday —  6 easy (road)

Friday – Home pilates practice; Taught Spinning class

Saturday — 5K race (23:36), 3 more miles easy (road); 3 mile walk

Sunday — 10 easy (road)

Totals:  ~  35 miles running, 6 miles walking, 2 cross training workouts, 2 pilates practices

Good stuff: I got to do some “fast” for me running and felt good doing it. Tempo pace felt comfortably hard like it should, and I seem to be the consistent in terms of 5K fitness as I was in February and last September.


Stuff to keep an eye on: Confession time. I have pretty much been eating whatever I want since Boston. That is still a lot healthier than the “average American” as I don’t really like junk food or fast food, but it won’t get me back in the weight range that I feel best for running. Smaller portions and a little more focus will. My clothes still fit, so I’m not that far off!

Goals for the week: Be especially careful nutrition-wise while traveling. Enjoy running in some new and favorite places, with new and favorite running buddies.


2 Responses to “Week of May 12-18”

  1. 1 kemibe May 19, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Always be aware of the inevitable post-marathon blahs. Even when it goes well or is intended as more of an experience than a race, it’s still an emotionally laden and purpose-driven endeavor — not just the marathon but the training poured into it. Let yourself feel like you’re slacking or just going through the motions for a while; you’ll get your mojo back.

  2. 2 anthonyp May 21, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    Slacker at 35 miles…I don’t think so 🙂

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