June 16-29 Training

Hello from the In The Distance Summer Tour 2008! It\'s a long way down the Holiday Road

The Blogkeeper has spent two weeks driving up the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard, back and forth between the Western Reserve and western Maryland, and before long will head down to Western North Carolina. With limited Internet time and access and miles to go before I sleep, finding time to post has been more difficult than I’d like.

All those location changes have meant never a dull mile of running over the past half month.

June 16-22

Monday –  6 easy (treadmill); home Pilates practice

Tuesday — Took Spinning and Pilates classes at YMCA

Wednesday —  8 with just 3 X 800 of 6 planned (path & treadmill) due to feeling really off breathing-wise

Thursday —  8 easy (road)

Friday – Rest; traveled to Dover, DE.

Saturday — approximately 35K/21.7 miles (trail) of Team Slug International’s Booty Rumble; traveled to Philadelphia

Sunday — 6 easy (hilly road); traveled to Montgomery County, MD

Totals:  ~  50 miles running, 1 Spinning class, 2 pilates practices

June 23-29

Monday –  40 minute brisk walk, 20 minutes stretching

Tuesday — 6 easy (hilly road); traveled to Frederick MD

Wednesday —  8.5 (path and road); traveled to Northeast Ohio

Thursday —  7.5 (trail and road)

Friday – Easy 5 miles cycling

Saturday — 10 easy (hilly road and path)

Sunday — 16 miles (trail)

Totals:  ~  48 miles running, 5 miles cycling, 1 stretching session

Good stuff: I couldn’t have asked for more fun on the run, with lots of new sights and wonderful company.

Stuff to keep an eye on: On the trail — everything! There’s no zoning out with headphones, chatter, and deep thoughts for this unsure-footed, off-road newbie. I find myself constantly scanning ahead for rocks, roots, mud, fallen trees, hairpin turns and other tactical challenges to navigate. Sometimes it’s flowing, and sometimes pretty slow-going.

Goals for the week: As I post this the training week is almost up, save for a huge challenge for me on 7/6: 22 miles on the Buckeye Trail, setting of the 50K I have been preparing for and encountering a steep but rewarding learning curve as I go.

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