June 30-July 6 Training

This was peak training week for the Buckeye Trail 50K, a new skill and distance challenge I decided on for a summer race. In terms of mileage, 50K training doesn’t vary much from the marathon training I’ve done for my last three marathons. The differences are bunching more mileage up for back to back longer weekend runs, more time on trails, and little speedwork if any. I have loosely followed this plan, formulated by the handy training spreadsheet tool on the Santa Clarita Runners website.

June 30-July 4

Monday –  Rest

Tuesday — 7 fartlek (track), 1.5 mile easy hike

Wednesday —  Traveled to NE Ohio, 8.4 (trail)

Thursday —  9.25 (trail)

Friday – Easy 7 miles cycling, upper body weights, pilates

Saturday — 7 easy (road)

Sunday — 23 long (trail)

Totals:  ~  54 miles running (40 trail/14 road or track), 1.5 miles hiking, 7 miles cycling, 1 each weights, pilates sessions

Good stuff: With about 9 hours of running it during this peak training week, I started feeling much more comfortable on the Buckeye Trail. Thanks to midweek shorter runs on the course, drier conditions, and much better fueling, I completed this week’s long run 75 seconds faster per mile. If I could do that again on race day, it would be a dream day for me. Most of all I had a lot of fun as a trail newbie, rather than frustration or discouragement.

Stuff to keep an eye on: I know I ran through poison oak on Sunday, so I keep checking my legs for an emerging reaction.

Goals for the week: Survive, er, summit The Bear, a 5-mile uphill run up Grandfather Mountain in western North Carolina. 


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