July 14-20 Training

My summer race, the Buckeye Trail 50K, is “FINISH“ed. What a day and incredible experience. I am sure I learned much more through the training and race day than I even realize at this moment, and look forward to sharing a full report here very soon.

July 14-20

Monday – 5 easy (road)

Tuesday – 6 easy (road/path)

Wednesday – 13 miles cycling

Thursday – 5 miles (trail)

Friday – 1 hour yoga class

Saturday – 32 miles (Buckeye Trail)

Sunday – 10 miles recovery cycling (very easy pace and low resistance)

Totals: 48 miles running, 23 miles cycling, 1 yoga session

Good stuff: Accomplishing a goal and feeling good almost the whole 50K, the inspiration, learning, and company of much more experienced ultrarunners along the way.

Stuff to keep an eye on: Like last week and probably to continue next week, manage stress in a healthy way while moving and setting up in a new state.

Goals for the week: Squeeze shorter daily runs in for continued recovery and stress relief.

1 Response to “July 14-20 Training”

  1. 1 Cricket September 10, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Are you ever coming back? I know you are super busy, but I need regular blog updates to keep me going:)

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