March 23-29 Training

I’ve heard 60 is the new 40. Whoever said that wasn’t talking about weekly running mileage. This was my first-ever time logging over 60 miles in a training week. Actually, if I went by a Sunday – Saturday calendar, I moved 68 miles closer to Boston in a seven-day period due to shuffling around the long run last weekend.

Unlike current popular human development theory, there is a big difference between 60 and 40. The main difference is the amount of time needed for all the running. I am grateful my life right now allows the flexibility, and look forward to seeing if the time and miles contributed make a difference on April 20.

March 23-29

Monday – 8 easy

Tuesday – rest from running; taught 90 min. pilates/yoga class

Wednesday – 9.5 miles including 8 x 800 m intervals (average 3:30/800m)

Thursday – 10 easy

Friday – 4 easy; taught 90 min. pilates/yoga class

Saturday – 22 mile long run

Sunday – 6.75 easy

Totals: 60.25 miles running; 2 pilates/yoga classes; additional core/functional strength exercises most days

Good stuff: Other than a few fleeting achy/tight spots, I felt good and am apparently healthy. It was exciting to log my highest mileage week to date. Saturday’s long run in 65 degrees and sunshine was also much appreciated – it was a perfect day to be outdoors.

Stuff to keep an eye on: As always, what I put in my mouth! I naturally prefer nutritious food, but basically took a sabbatical from careful nutrition since last Boston. Then the stress of unexpected relocating/new job last fall showed up on the scale. This year I’ve slowly lost half of the goal I set for myself, and if I am careful can meet it by race day.  To hold myself more accountable, I am including the link to my food journal. I find that logging is an excellent way to track a daily calorie budget and helps prevent straying from a plan. In the past I’ve had success with weight management using FitDay.

Goals for the week: The key workout this week will be practicing marathon pace in Saturday’s Spring Classic Half Marathon. I haven’t been doing much marathon pace running this training cycle, so it will be good to remember what 8:30 minute miles feel like.


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