March 30 – April 5 Training

This week ushered in the tapering phase of Boston training, but after a peak mileage week it didn’t yet feel like I was easing up.  My legs were stiff, heavy, and slow as I plodded through my weekday training runs.

Cleveland skyline from lakewood

Cleveland skyline from Lakewood Park

On Thursday I was over on the west side of Cleveland for an errand, so I took advantage of proximity to Lake Erie and planned a lakeside out and back run between Lakewood Park and Edgewater Park. Here’s a view from one of my favorite  routes so far in Northeast Ohio. It begins with a sidewalk tour of some older custom homes and lakefront high-rise buildings, skirts the shore while allowing views of the downtown skyline, then winds through a city park busy with people of all ages and backgrounds cycling, walking dogs, playing on the beach, grilling, and hanging out. There’s always so much activity going on, and after living in a smaller community I especially love the feeling of being one little part of a city’s life.

Saturday morning brought me into the same city’s great Metroparks system for the Cleveland Spring Classic half marathon race, planned as a race pace practice run. With almost no marathon pace running during this training cycle, I was a little nervous to see if I could find and maintain the correct pace for half the distance. Other than a fast first mile and long third mile that fooled me into thinking I’d slowed, I was pleased with how the pace felt and with my overall finish time.

March 30-April 5

Monday – 9 easy (roads/towpath)

Tuesday – off from running; taught 90 min. pilates/yoga class and did 15-station weight circuit twice in work fitness center

Wednesday – 8 with 8 x 2:00 5K effort pickups (roads)

Thursday – 6.3 (roads)

Friday – off from running; taught 90 min. pilates/yoga class

Saturday – 17 (2 warm-up easy, Half Marathon in 1:50:14, and 2 cool-down easy on roads)

Sunday – off from running, stayed “active” during day-long volunteering at Fools 50K/25K trail runs

Totals: 40.5 miles running; 2 pilates/yoga classes; 1 circuit workout; additional core/functional strength exercises most days

Good stuff: The weather! The sun was shining and temperatures were comfortable for running all week. Twice I got to wear shorts and short-sleeves, and Sunday’s bright, mild conditions made the trails even more scenic for runners who participated in the event Lloyd organized. Thinking about friends fighting record flooding back home in Fargo right now, being able to be outside having fun isn’t something I take for granted.

Stuff to keep an eye on: My left lower leg has been having some tightness and achy-ness during runs this week.  I chronically have more of this on the left, and actually had an overuse sprain to this foot two years earlier in the beginning hour of a marathon. It might be related to running mechanics or driving a manual transmission; it has definitely been tighter since I got a car with a stick shift last summer. Whatever the reason, it needs attention.

Goals for the week: Calming down my left Achilles/lower calf area. It seems to respond well to daily stretching, self-massage, and ice, so I’ll keep that up. Continuing to eat mindfully, adjust calories for reduced running, and log my food intake.


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