April 6 – 12 Training

One week until Boston, and I am buzzed. st_power_f

Some runners climb the walls during the taper phase. I love and welcome it. About half-way in, there’s an energy boost and runs start feeling super-charged. I imagine this is what runners with more natural talent feel like day to day. It takes a lot of sweat and effort and sluggish runs for me to get to this point, but it’s worth it when a 5K pace workout feels “a little slow” or I don’t notice the effort on a big hill that normally takes the wind out of my sails.

Running-wise, there’s nothing left I can do to prepare. The runs on my schedule this week are mostly about preventing stir craziness.  Even with a few miles here and there, there seems to be plenty of time to fidget in anticipation and build up excitement. The key is to not give in to the feeling of spinning my wheels – to stay relaxed and conserve the buzz for 10:30 a.m. next Monday.

April 6-12

Monday – 6 easy (treadmill)

Tuesday – off from running; taught 90 min. pilates/yoga class

Wednesday – 8.5 with 3 X 1 mile intervals (7:25, 7:18, 7:08) in the middle (path)

Thursday – 5.2 (roads), weight machine circuit and core workouts with each of 3 PE classes

Friday – off from running; taught 90 min. pilates/yoga class

Saturday – 10 easy w/last 2 miles downhill at 8:27 pace (paths and roads, hilly)

Sunday – 4 easy (towpath)

Totals: 34 miles running; 2 pilates/yoga classes; weight circuit; additional core/functional strength exercises

Good stuff: With so much else going on this year, there have been more than a few days that I’ve lacked energy and been less enthusiastic about the time required to get ready to run a marathon as well as I can. Feeling great on this week’s runs, I returned to thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for the time, a relatively safe environment, resources enough for running gear and food, and healthy enough body to have the privilege of this physically, mentally, and time-wise demanding recreational pursuit that I love. Of course I intend to run the best race possible on Monday, but I also realize completing four months of consistent training is its own reward.

Stuff to keep an eye on: Stretching and massaging seem to be calming my tight left lower leg, so I plan to keep the regimen up. I will also go into “super-careful” mode and avoid bumping, tripping, and other careless clumsiness as much as possible.

Goals for the week: Finish all shopping and packing by Friday evening for Saturday’s trip to Boston. Stay relaxed and positive. Get good rest. Continue logging food intake and not gain any weight until carbo-loading phase Saturday-Sunday (increasing carbs also increases water retention so it is normal to gain a few pounds).


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