April 20-26 Training

One thing that amazes me in marathoning is how within the span of less than 24 hours following a finish, the body diminishes from feeling its full invincibility and power to a state of disabling pain and impaired mobility. This week was no exception; in fact, I think it is the most discomfort and stiffness I’ve had post-race since my first marathon. Part was the natural effects of running hard on a difficult, hilly course, but some was also my own doing. I was a wuss and skipped soaking my inflamed muscles in icy cold water after the race.

Other than the heat-seeking non-compliance, I kept a balance of rest and light activity in the first recovery week after Boston.

April 20-26

Monday – 26.2 mile road race (Boston Marathon); 1.5 mile slightly stiff walk to hotel following race

Tuesday – Accumulated about two hours of stiff, excruciating walking around Boston.

Wednesday – Nothing

Thursday – Upper body weight circuit with PE class

Friday – 35 minutes/3.25 miles walking/running; taught 90 min. pilates/yoga class

Saturday – 3 mile easy hike

Sunday – 7.5 miles trail running

Totals: 29.2 miles running; 7.5 miles trail running; 3 miles hiking; 1 pilates/yoga classes; weight circuit

trailmarkerGood stuff: Besides the obvious reward of completing my 6th marathon and being happy with it, it was awesome to get back on the trails. I had stayed on solid footing in the month before Boston, not wanting to risk rolling ankles or worse, as I am not naturally agile on trails. On Sunday’s adventure with Lloyd and another buddy, Rob, it felt like being a kid again as we waded up a rocky stream, ran over pebbly riverbed, and scrambled up and down steep trails. My usual fear of falling and innate clumsiness were lesser factors than I remember, and hopefully that will continue so I can get more enjoyment out of trail running this summer.

Stuff to keep an eye on: Since I got back from Boston, my right shin has felt tight off and on, more when I rest than when I’m on it. I ignored a couple fleeting twinges in it near the end of the race, and am pretty sure it is just a little inflammation.

Goals for the week: Running-wise, let myself take it easy with light mileage this week. Other-wise, while I firmly believe life is too short for a healthy person to justify spending energy picking apart their perceived physical flaws, I am also at the last straw with myself regarding too frequent lack of balance with weight management. For a year now I have let my good habits slip into inconsistency, with one flimsy excuse ready after another: New life, more stress, this or that occasion, etc. My weight and body composition overall are healthy and not unappealing, but not optimal for an athlete. I do not want to spend another season feeling heavy and jiggly on the run. So, the big goal is now continue logging food intake as a daily reminder to eat more mindfully, and increase cross-training activities to add to energy expenditure.


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