April 27-May 3 Training

Ending the second post-Boston recovery week, I’m in a state of conflict. My body is still not over the effort physically, not by any means. It has never taken so long to feel “normal” after any other marathon I’ve run. My shins feel fatigued and achy after activities I’d usually not give a second thought to, like standing in front of classes all day or low-resistance spinning on a stationary bike. My early week runs were sluggish and heavy, and today’s longer run felt terrific — until I sat down afterward. Then my quads and hamstrings ached.

At the same time, my motivation is through the roof.  Tonight Lloyd had to talk sense into me when I started checking Marathon Guide for late May races. A little bit of me wonders if I could still run that 3:42 I was into shape for if I  gave it another shot, pushed harder, focused better, stayed tougher in the final miles. Mostly I love marathons so much that waiting until October or November for the next one sounds like such a long time. Patience has never been the easiest path for me.

Hopefully the next week will find my physical condition and mental state matching up better than they did this week.

April 27-May 3

Monday – 4 miles (towpath trail)

Tuesday – Rest Day;taught yoga/pilates class

Wednesday – 6.5 miles (towpath trail)

Thursday – 45 min stationary cycling

Friday – Rest Day; taught yoga/pilates class

Saturday – Unplanned rest day; walked through downtown Pittsburgh

Sunday – 10 miles (Pittsburgh Marathon course)

Totals: 20.5 miles running; 45 minutes stationary cycling; 2 pilates/yoga classes

Good stuff: Spectating at the Pittsburgh Marathon was a great time! The best part was seeing my friend Amy meet her goal and catching up with her, but exploring Pittsburgh by foot was a fun way to tour an unfamiliar city.

Stuff to keep an eye on: At the risk of redundancy, log my food intake each day and take extra care that food calories reflect less training volume. I am determined to return to the leaner body composition I feel better at, but through small changes rather than dieting, even if that’s more gradual.

Goals for the week: Add two cross-training workouts to supplement a lighter third recovery running week.

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