May 18-31 Training

Running in the surf on gorgeous Hatteras Island NC

Running in the surf on gorgeous Hatteras Island NC

I’ve had a productive and very fun two weeks of running! After Lloyd’s lifetime accomplishment of completing the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run, we continued south to the little corner of North Carolina I called home for four years before moving to Northeast Ohio last summer. Though relocation was  welcome and serendipitous, I have really missed the li’l swampland hamlet and was overjoyed to reconnect with some of my favorite people and places around the Outer Banks and Albemarle Region. Returning to the 7-mile course I’d grown bored with after the millionth time before I left, I savored the feeling that my legs knew each step by memory and the realization that a tiny bit of my heart would always belong to this friendly little river city. I was also able to explore a few new places I hadn’t made it to when I lived in the Old North State, and it was extra special to share them with Lloyd. All my runs felt effortless, probably a combination of vacation, recovery from Boston, and happiness to be back where I initially became a “good” runner.

Arriving back in Ohio refreshed, I found myself also pleased to return to the new routes I’ve found over the last nine months.  The nearby hills felt great after a week of coastal flatness, and the towpath I run when I want a flat course looked completely different thanks to late spring’s thick greenery and colorful blossoms. Lloyd and I rejoined the new Thursday night Cuyahoga Valley trail group, and we both had successful 5K efforts at an inaugural race in Lake County.

In short, during May’s second half I appreciated the good fortune of time, health, and beautiful places as I began rebuilding mileage.  What more could a runner ask?

May 18-24

Monday – 3 easy (roads, Strasburg VA)

Tuesday – 7 easy (roads, Elizabeth City NC)

Wednesday – 5.2 easy (roads, Kill Devil Hills NC); 75 min. yoga class at Outer Banks Yoga & Pilates

Thursday – 4 easy (trails, Hatteras Island NC)

Friday – 6.2 easy (roads, Kill Devil Hills NC)

Saturday –  travel and rest day; returned to Ohio

Sunday – 12 easy/long (roads)

Totals: 38 miles running; 75 minutes Yoga

May 25-31

Monday – 5.3 easy (roads)

Tuesday – 4 easy (roads)

Wednesday – 8 fartlek (roads)

Thursday – 5.25 (trails); 1 hour Pilates

Friday – 13.5 easy/long (towpath)

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 2 easy (warm-up), Concord Distance Classic 5K, 3 easy (cool-down)

Totals: 44 miles running, 1 hour Pilates

Good stuff: I am almost superstitously afraid to even write this down for fear of “jinxing” myself, but the pain in my right groin/pelvic area of the last 8 months decreased substantially while in North Carolina. Perhaps I left it there? I am feeling considerably less sore and tight, and only hope it does not flare up again.

Stuff to keep an eye on: I did a great job of logging my nutrition intake daily during our trip, and it really helped keep me on track. Since we’ve returned home and dove right in to summer semester, I’ve been a bit sidetracked with new classes. Time to re-start daily logging. My approach is making good nutrition choices almost all of the time and practicing portion control all the time, rather than dieting, to lose about 5 more pounds. If that does not work in another month, I’ll revise, but I believe if I apply this every day I will succeed.

Goals for the week: My core/functional strength program and personal Pilates and yoga practices have been neglected. The goal this week is one quality session of each and one cardio cross-training session (either swimming or cycling).


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