Re-United: 11-Day Yoga Cleanse, Day 2

Pain and steak. These were two unexpected parts of Day 2 of the 11-day yoga and eating cleanse I’m doing.

The pain came first. First thing in the morning. I woke up and for a moment couldn’t lift my head up, turn, or lift my body from bed. It seemed my trapezius muscle had been replaced in the night by firey soreness and stiffness. Hmm, I remembered trying especially hard to find comfortable neck positions in some asanas in yesterday’s yoga class, but otherwise couldn’t pinpoint the vice grip on the back of my neck.

Physical pain was almost immediately overshadowed by mental pain. As always, my day began with a long, meticulously scheduled mental to-do list. First item on that list was an easy 5-mile run, to squeeze some miles in the only available time to do them. Seeing how nodding my head was causing something to roughly grab me by the scruff of my neck, I knew I wouldn’t be running today. Luckily my week’s meticulously scheduled training plan has room to swap today with a scheduled rest day, but my half-awake reaction was that my day was already off to a lousy, run-free start.

I tried to meditate, another part of the cleanse. But it hurt to hold my head up, and as soon as I got sort of comfortable the phone rang. Discouragement. Now I had to scurry to get ready for work, anyway. Tuesday happens to be my Monday, and though I’m very grateful for a good job that I actually like much of the time, I admit I’m struggling with a bit of burnout the first summer of my teaching career where I’ve taught a full load rather than had complete freedom. So I downed Advil and drove with a stiff throbbing neck and thoughts that throbbed worse. I despairingly hoped the 11 days would also result in a cleanse of my attitude!

Now for the steak. No, I didn’t follow the “natural” remedy of placing it on my hurting neck. A small cut of lean steak was prepared for dinner by my boyfriend, who bought it because he kindly did all the grocery shopping this week and wasn’t aware of the 11-dafruit salady cleanse requirements. Animal protein isn’t on the “avoid” list, but the suggestion is to stick with organic lean poultry and fish. But, I figured a small lean portion prepared with love couldn’t be too toxic, so I enjoyed it with a large side of veggies sauteed in olive oil and the company of my partner.

Despite, or maybe even including the pain and the steak, Day 2 of the cleanse went well. After work I took an inspiring yoga class from an instructor who’s obviously a gifted teacher and devoted student of yoga with much wisdom to share. My appetite was still very strong all day. Other than the steak it was no problem to stick with the cleanse program, except I again couldn’t believe how hungry I was!

The cherry on top of Day 2 was this divine fruit salad I mixed up. All the gorgeous colors and flavors we get to enjoy for the next few days make me feel both decadent and blessed.

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